Personal Background

Heidi is a wife, mother of two children and a business owner with her husband Bill.  Every aspect of her life has caused her to have to grow beyond her capacity.  Marriage, parenting and being an entrepreneur were all outside of her comfort zone.  These ‘stretch marks’ in her life spawned the whole understanding of what a ‘growth mindset‘ really looks like.  If it were not for her strong relationship with Jesus and her ‘growth mindset,’ she would not have survived or learned to thrive in these 22 years! 

Heidi’s husband is much older than she. This has created a unique flavor to her life.  Bill brought two grown children to their marriage along with their spouses and grandchildren. As a blended family, they have strong family bonds.  Including both sides of the family, they total 20 including Heidi’s parents.  Family legacy became very clear to her and Bill early in their marriage.  

Heidi has a strong passion for faith, family, friends, and making an impact.  She lives in a secure position that the Truth in the Bible shapes every aspect of our lives and relationships.  She is able to show deep respect for people who don’t share her beliefs. 

Her blueprint for wellness takes deep root in John chapter 15 of the Bible! She sees John 15 being the ‘headquarters for wellness.’ Wellness means thriving in all areas of our lives & relationships.  John 15 maps out a framework that positions us to be ‘very fruitful and profoundly effective!’

People that know her best would describe her as ’wise, loyal, and sincere.’  She strives daily to live for Christ and enrich people’s lives!

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