I am currently living in Kona, Hawaii and attending YWAM at The University of the Nations. Surprise! I’m not just living at the beach 24/7. Yeah, I was a little shocked too. If we’re being honest, I had no idea what I was even getting myself into when I committed to this. It took so much to actually come here but somehow I found myself in a school with 350 young people who are on fire for Jesus. I am currently in the middle of week three and I can already say that it is life changing. Jesus is SO good and he continues to reveal his overwhelming love for me every day. The encounters that I have had with Him so far have been unreal. I could turn this into a novel and explain but I won’t. I am growing so much and understanding my true identity in Him. We are being trained and equipped to bring the love that we have found to the nations. 

I found out that my small team of six is going to be heading back to the mainland in December to join the ‘Carry The Love’ campaign where we will be traveling across the states to different college campuses to “inspire our generation to love like Jesus” and ignite the spark for revival in this generation. My heart is overflowing right now from so much joy and eagerness to share with people what I have learned and experienced here!! Jesus is amazing and I am so thankful that He has me on this wild adventure! Also, He picked a pretty amazing place for me to live;) Hawaii is so gorgeous!! ~Abigail

Mission Trip