Personal Background

Heidi is a wife, mother of two children and a business owner with her husband. She has been building an Amway business with her husband full time since 1998. (Amway is not affiliated with this ministry.) She has learned how to live with and work full time with her husband. She has a thriving marriage after 18 years.

Heidi’s husband is much older than she is which brought to their marriage two grown children. As a blended family that now has ‘in-laws/in-loves’ and grandchildren, they have strong family bonds with everyone. It is quite a beautiful sight to see when everyone gathers for major holidays. Including both sides of the family, they total 19 including Heidi’s parents.

Heidi has a strong passion for an education that promotes a strong Biblical Worldview. She has spent some years in the homeschool arena. She teaches from a strong position that the Bible shapes every aspect of our lives and relationships. That is where her emphasis in John 15 takes a deep root!

People that know her best would call her the ‘real deal.’ She would say she is far from perfect but strives daily to live for Christ and keep in step with the Holy Spirit.